Fokuss is the one-time-only film and art festival in the small town Kissing, Bavaria where thousands of people flock to celebrate the kiss. As the town didn’t have a place branding before, this fictional festival is meant to be a representation and generate more tourism.
Creating something related to the act of kissing in Kissing might be an obvious choice which could easiliy become kitschy, but we decided to lean into it and ‘celebrate the kiss in Kissing’ with a fresh approach.
Another play on words is the festivals’ name ‘FOKUSS’, combining ‘focus’ and the german word for kiss – ‘Kuss’.

The festival takes place from Friday to Sunday, each evening with an open air cinema. There are also guided tours through the exhibition, all the while showing short movie clips of iconic kissing scenes for which the visitors can vote. In between are screenings of indie short films and a concert on Saturday.
On Sunday the festival concludes with an all-out screening of the winning film.

The Design
We wanted the design to be modern, young, eye-catching and creative withour playing into anything too kitschy. That way we kept the design simple and clean with only yellow, black and white as colours and few photographs as well as a playfully modified font.